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Double Faced Block

Unique patented system allows for direct framing, drywall and siding to block

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Tech Block (tm)


Tech Block is a stay-in-place insulated concrete form (icf). Its insulation is a composite of recycled polystyrene, cement, water, and admixtures. It is faced with 7/16" Oriented Strand Board. Tech Block forms are a screen-grid icf, creating a steel reinforced, concrete post-and-beam structure, once rebar and grout are placed.

Tech Block forms are 32" by 16", and 11 7/16" thick. Once the forms are in place, grout channels are nominal 6" wide and 16" on center each way. Each form weighs about 47 lbs.

Tech Block is Highly Insulating: Each form can have an approximate R-value of 47.5 per ASTM C1363 and ASTM C518-04. The concrete within Tech Block is surrounded by insulation, preventing thermal bridging. The composite material is not subject to settling, or degradation.

Tech Block is Durable: The composite material is resistant to rot, mold, insects and fire.

Tech Block Installs Easily: The form's facing allows for easy bracing anywhere on the wall. The facing overlaps from form to form to help keep walls aligned. Ledgers and bucks can be screwed into the facing and held in place securely before grout placement.

Tech Block is Green: 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene comprises 80% of our forms. More importantly, Tech Block's great insulation will result in a lifetime of energy savings for your structure. Plus, our local manufacturing partners allow for less shipping, less carbon, and more LEED credits.

Additionally: Tech Block forms create a quiet, strong structure. The patented facing allows for a lifetime of remodeling options. Unfaced forms can be used below grade, allowing for highly insulated basements and foundation walls.

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