Providing cost effective, extremely energy efficient wall systems by utilizing sustainable, localized manufacturing processes - worldwide.

Unfaced Block

Specifically designed for sub-grade building applications and highway sound barrier walls..

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Tech Block's Patented Fastening System

Tech Block's patented fastening system is the only Composite ICF that can be nailed or screwed directly to. Because, our patented fastening system is pre attached at point of manufacturing. This means that the builder can nail studs directly to the walls for interior framing, screw drywall into the block directly, hang cabinetry directly to the wall and attach siding directly to the block. This provides ease and quickness of constructability and material, labor and time savings.

  • Siding: No other Composite ICF has the ability to attach siding to their block composition. The nails or screws simply do not hold - you can pull them out with your hand. Since siding is used in most of the United States, Tech Block has the unique building advantage of building in all areas of the United States quickly, easily and cost effectively.

  • Interior Framing: Due to our patented fastening system to one-side or both sides of our block, framers can drive studs directly into the wall. Again, Tech Block has this unique, patented ability. What framers and builders are up against when using other Composite ICFs is that they can't frame directly into the block - the nails don't hold! Instead, the framer has to dig in and channel out the block everywhere a stud is needed for interior framing. This is a slow, cumbersome and expensive mess.

  • Drywall: Tech Block is the only Composite ICF that can take the direct attachment of drywall. Again, you can't screw directly into other Composite ICFs - therefore, the drywaller is relegated to gluing the drywall on. This is slow, expensive, messy and a job no drywaller would prefer.

  • Residential and Commercial Cabinet Hanging and Art Hanging: With Tech Block, it is as though you have a stud in every square inch of wall to nail to. Hanging cabinets is easy and fast and anywhere you want to hang art or curtain holders, etc. you have the ability to do so.

Time and time again Tech Block has gained the following of builders that have built with other Composite ICFs and we have won their business because with Tech Block the builder can build fast and easily, cleanly, efficiently and cost effectively.


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