Providing cost effective, extremely energy efficient wall systems by utilizing sustainable, localized manufacturing processes - worldwide.

Single Faced Block

Along with patented system to interior this block allows for direct stucco or veneer application to the exterior

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Manufacturing Advantages

Because Tech Block is manufactured by exclusive, large, professional manufacturers, the quality control of each Tech Block is of the highest caliber with product dimensions and tolerances meeting exact product standards and specifications. Further, because Tech Block is manufactured with recycled post-industrial expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is sourced from local and regional waste-stream loop, your use of Tech Block not only provides green sustainable construction with extreme energy-efficiency but also helps the environment by keeping waste EPS material out of landfills.

Tech Block stays true to the merits of achieving maximum green sustainability in quality construction technology for high energy-efficiency and home comfort.

Tech Block’s unique patent pending manufacturing process and marketing association provides the lowest cost in sustainable and highly energy-efficient insulated above-grade or below-grade perimeter wall construction. It further provides local Tech Block product support and assistance to the contractor and the builder. Regional manufacture and representation of Tech Block provides fast availability and reduced costs in material freight. Tech Block provides the best product, the best price, and the best service when you need it.

Through our exclusively licensed manufacturing partners Tech Block provides integrity, dependability, green sustainable energy-efficiency, and cost-efficiency no other exterior or perimeter wall option can match!



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