Providing cost effective, extremely energy efficient wall systems by utilizing sustainable, localized manufacturing processes - worldwide.

Single Faced Block

Along with patented system to interior this block allows for direct stucco or veneer application to the exterior

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Environmentally Sustainable

Building green - truly green - takes thought. At Tech Block we've been thinking about it and doing something about it for ten years.

We've worked with some of the brightest architects, builders, homeowners and commercial developers that were compelled to create something hospitable for our environment. From site selection and building orientation to choosing recycled building products to build with, we have assisted in the sustainable attribute of building project for over ten years.

Our goal in manufacturing is to be the lowest impact ICF manufacturer on the planet. By partnering with the concrete masonry industry, Tech Block's patented system can now be manufactured across the globe and decrease the transportation and CO2 costs necessary for typical long range transportation.

We use only 100% recycled EPS captured from a local waste stream recycle loop. Our localized manufacturing capacities allow for economical recycling of polystyrene by limiting the transportation resources consumed through the transportation of these materials.

Building with Tech Block helps reduce landfill space by adding up to 85% recycled material in every block. Even a modest sized project can save thousands of pounds of waste - plastic foam waste which will long outlast us. Though polystyrene can be recycled in many ways, it is often recycled into another disposable product. By recycling with Tech Block this waste enters a closed loop, standing and delivering performance for years to come. Tech Block utilizes these local waste streams to reduce energy needs by providing superior energy efficiency for years to come.

Ultimately, Tech Block walls provide maximum insulation. Maximum insulation results in decreased energy consumption and energy costs. In essence, Tech Block saves money and the planet at the same, exact, time. And that would be now.

In short, we don't green wash anything and never have. We have stayed true to the concept and have helped advance the concept of sustainable construction and manufacturing for over ten years.

Tech Block walls provide the most energy efficient, eco-friendly, and cost effective wall system on the market. And we thank you for thinking truly green.
  • Using Tech Block can help reduce a structure's energy consumption by up to 50%.
  • Building with Tech Block significantly reduces landfill space.
  • Using Tech Block vs. wood framing can save hundreds of thousands of trees!
  • Tech Block's recycling efforts saves tons of EPS from going into landfills.
  • With over three (3) times less grout requirements than most other foam building products, choosing Tech Block will reduce the overall CO2 footprint associated when manufacturing cement AND help save on our natural resources.

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