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Double Faced Block

Unique patented system allows for direct framing, drywall and siding to block

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Ease of Construction

Tech Block has the exclusive patented advantage for the pre-attachment of facing at the point of manufacture. Because each Tech Block comes with the 7/16" OSB board pre-attached on either the interior or exterior side or both, Tech Block allows for cabinetry and drywall to be directly applied without expensive and time consuming furrowing, attachment strips or enhancements as is the case with other composite ICFs, or calibrating to plastic conduit targets as is the case with standard ICFs. Likewise, because of pre-attached OSB on the block exterior attachment of siding is made easy and direct with Tech Block. Tech Block has a tongue and groove component. This patented advantage of Tech Block lends to overall fast-track construction, contractor and builder savings in time and money, and ease of construct ability.

Tech Block is easy dry-stacked in-place, and made plumb by the use of readily available ICF bracing systems. Further, the Tech Block advantage of pre-attached OSB lends to the ease of block placement and plumb formation. Tech Block may be cut and custom formed with standard woodworking saws to achieve any architectural design desired. Building with geometric angles, shapes and curved surfaces is made easy with Tech Block.

Tech Block uses 30% less concrete than standard ICFs. The pre-engineered post-and-beam (6" nominal post-hole both vertically and horizontally at 16" OC) reinforcement grid pattern of Tech Block allows easy centered placement of both the steel reinforcing bar and the pour and vibration of a 3/8" 3000 psi concrete. A standard 2500 SF home can be constructed with Tech Block in a time spam of 1 - 3 days depending upon size of crew.


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