Providing cost effective, extremely energy efficient wall systems by utilizing sustainable, localized manufacturing processes - worldwide.

Double Faced Block

Unique patented system allows for direct framing, drywall and siding to block

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Single Faced Block

Along with patented system to interior this block allows for direct stucco or veneer application to the exterior

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

Unfaced Block

Specifically designed for sub-grade building applications and highway sound barrier walls.

Lightest, most user friendly composite ICF on the market.

From Inception to Completion
Tech Block Leads the Charge for True Sustainability


  • Maximum Energy Efficiency - Tech Block provides over 2.5 times the amount of insulation required by local and state codes. Each block form can have an approximate R-value of 47.5 per ASTM C1363 and ASTM C518-04. Tech Block reduces energy consumption, lowers utility bills, saves earth's natural resources and lowers your carbon footprint.
  • Manufacturing Advantage - Tech Block has partnered with exclusive, professional manufacturers to manufacture our block. This partnership allows Tech Block to combine our patented process with massive purchasing power and unlimited production capacity to provide the most cost effective, eco-friendly and sustainable wall system on the market
  • Patented Fastening System - Only Tech Block has the unique patented fastening system that allows for direct attachment of framing, drywall and siding. Builders hail Tech Block as the most easily built, cleanest and cost effective Composite ICF on the market.
  • 100% Recycled Polystyrene (EPS) - Tech Block uses only 100% recycled EPS in each block. Therefore, 85% of each block is made from recycled materials, which helps contribute up to 20 LEED points or more.  Our processes of using recycled EPS will save tons of EPS from entering local landfills across the world.
  • Commercial and Residential Construction - For over 20 years Composites ICFs have been used in the building of large, medium and small commercial building projects. As well, thousands of residential homes have been built across the nation and world. Tech Block is a fast build. Each block comprises 3.56 square feet; therefore, Tech Block projects get built fast! Masons, Concrete form framers, wood and steel stud framers and ICF contractors find that they can build quickly and efficiently with Tech Block and it is a perfect fit for their building skill sets.

Tech Block is a patented Composite Insulated Concrete Form (C-ICF) used for the construction of any wall system. We are committed to the true merits of green building and have never varied from this commitment for over ten years.

We utilize 100% recycled polystyrene in each block that is used to build our wall systems. Therefore, 85% of each Tech Block is made from recycled material captured from a localized waste stream recycle loop.

Tech Block provides maximum insulation value over 2.5 times that of standard code acceptance. Our insulation, recycled content and localized manufacturing practices contribute to significant LEED accreditation points.

Tech Block has a patented fastening system to one or both sides of the block that no other Composite ICF has. Tech Block is the only Composite ICF that allows for direct nailing of framing, drywall and siding to the block, which allows for a much faster, cleaner and easier construction process.

The design and finish options from curved walls to stucco, stone, siding and brick finishes make Tech Block the eco-friendly wall system of choice. Tech Block’s patented system enables us to partner with exclusively licensed, professional manufacturers to manufacture Tech Block virtually anywhere in the world. This partnership provides the strength of manufacturing, purchasing power and local distribution across the world to provide the most insulated, eco-friendly and cost effective ICF on the market. By manufacturing and distributing locally we save massive carbon emissions from transportation across the globe. We also save massive amounts of land fill space due to our recycling efforts. Ultimately, our goal is to provide sustainable building options to everyone across the globe in a very localized manner.

Please do look within our site to find Tech Block’s green building merits, eco-friendly initiatives, cost effectiveness and technical and construction ease that will make your project stand above the rest.

We at Tech Block, just like you, are committed to the continued process of sustainability.


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